Pro Staff

These guys log more treestand time than most (Just ask their wives, bosses, and preachers). Their opinions are gospel, based on countless hours of shooting, hunting and fine-tuning their archery tackle. They rely on Wac'Em to fill their tags, their freezers, and to video some of the most pulse-pounding, bowhunting action on outdoor television.

Mike Stroff
savage outdoors
"I've always been a fixed-blade shooter, and a big fan of cut-on-contact heads. I truly believe they increase your chances of making an effective pass-through shot, and recovering your animal. My quiver carries nothing but Wac'Em 4-Blades. They deliver incredible field-point accuracy, and they leave nothing to chance. I trust my hunt - and my success - to Wac'Em. I hope you will, too."

Jamie Satterfield
savage outdoors
"Wac'Em Broadheads are reliable, rock-solid and deadly accurate. With Wac'Em, I never worry about sealing the deal. They provide the cut needed for a quick harvest - allowing me to focus on the hunt, not my gear."

Jesse Morehead
"In 40+ years of bowhunting, I've never shot a sharper and more accurate broadhead. Wac'Em heads are razor-sharp cut on contact heads and they fly like my field point."


Randy Morrison
"I'm convinced Wac'Em heads offer the best results you can buy. Whether I'm filming a show or trying to punch my own tags, I wouldn't think of shooting anything but Wac'Em."


Chris Ramsey
"Why do I shoot Wac'Em? That's easy: field-point accuracy, absolutely no tuning necessary, and unbelievable results. Wac'Em assures the hardest-hitting, straightest-flying broadhead on the market."


Von Ramsey
"I was a mechanical broadhead shooter for years ... until I tried Wac'Em. Now, with lots of filled tags and mounts on my wall, I haven't looked back. In my experience, they're the first heads that truly offer the precision of a field point."


Ginger Morehead
"Because of my short draw-length and lower poundage, I have always used fixed-blade broadheads...and now for the first time in my hunting career, my broadheads hit exactly the same as my field points. More importantly, Wac'Em makes an extremely tough cut-on-contact head that is the sharpest one on the market."

Fred Law
Married to Brenda with 2 children Retired from logistics business. Bowhunter with big game species to his credit including Elk,Moose,Bear,Caribou, Deer both whitetail and muley and Antelope. 29 of which qualify for Pope and Young Record book. Introduced I.B.E.F. (intl bowhunters education foundation) to Ontario and is a master instructor. Founded F.R.O.W. (Ontarios record book) Original member of Ontario Bowhunters Assoc and also founded Professional Bowhunters of Ontario. Founded Royal City Bowman Published author and seminar speaker. Co hosted a segment of Great Outdoors called "Becoming a better bowhunter"

Jon & Stacy Sissney
Jon & Stacy Sissney- His & Hers Outdoors We have been shooting Wac'em Broadheads for 6 years and absolutely love them. We are so impressed with their field point accuracy the cut on contact sharpness. We have been married for 15 years and have been hosting His & Hers Outdoors for 7 years. We love spending time in the outdoors with our friends and family, and we really enjoy to be able to share that with everybody.

Justin McFadden
Wac Em 3 blade fixed are my preferred choice of broadhead, when it comes to the hunt I expect my gear to perform flawlessly and accurate, Wac em for-fills my needs, the toughest,sharpest, truest flying broadhead on the market today, that's why I choose Wac em Justin McFadden, Unchained Outdoors

Kayla Layton
I have always been a fan of fixed blades and pass-throughs. However, I ran into an issue when I couldn't find one to fly as true as my practice points. Until I had a pack of Wac'Em 3 blade XL broadheads in my hand, the struggle to practice with other heads and not getting the penetration that I wanted was discouraging. Now I'm thrilled to be able to practice with field tips and have absolutely no doubt that the Wac'Ems will make as clean of a shot as I can provide for them. With this being said, I love a mechanical for turkey season. I really like the new 2 blade 100gr 2.2in cut! It has a really clean and strong build, which will be very beneficial on a turkey!

Justin Hoffman
My favorite broadhead is the Wac'em 4 blade 100 gr. My last 2 bucks and 2 bulls combined for about 100 total yards of tracking! Great short blood trails and they fly more accurately than my field points! Born and raised in Oregon, I spend most of my free time preparing for hunts and pursuing game. My favorite animal to hunt is elk in cascades during September, as well as the notoriously difficult blacktail deer. I have been shooting wac'em broadheads for over a decade and I love knowing that my broadheads are the least of my worries when I release that arrow!

Matt Johnson
I choose wac’em because I wanted an accurate fixed blade broadhead. I choose to use the Wac’Em three blade 125 grain broadhead because I wanted accuracy with greater momentum. Hunting is a family tradition, so I was involved with it from a young age. I did not start to bow hunt until I was in high school, and it changed my perspective on the outdoors entirely. I now hunt whitetails exclusively with a bow. I recently purchased a tract of land and working to turn it into a bow hunters dream. This pursuit occupies my mind constantly and consumes an unbalanced portion of my time. While hunting is important, it does not outweigh my family’s importance. I am fortunate enough to share this passion with my wife, Jaclynn and look forward to teaching the ins and outs of archery to my son Henry.

Robie Pruitt
As a hunter that likes to shoot a lighter poundage bow I have always turned toward smaller cutting diameter fixed blade Broadheads and with all the ones that I have used over the years I have always seemed to encounter the same problems with non field point accuracy and arrow tuning issues but that all changed when I shot my first Wac'Em 3 blade, not only are they field point accurate but they have the sharpest cut on contact tip I have ever used.

Jay Cawley
My name is Jay Cawley. I live in idaho. Bowhunting is my passion, if I'm not hunting I'm shooting my bow all the time. I will always shoot Wac’Em broadheads. They are very sharp and fly like a field tip. I can count on my broadhead every time. I use the 3 blade 100gr. I have taken pope and young animals. I'm involved with 3 archery clubs.

Shaun Perry
I am 38 years old and have been bowhunting since the age of 14. Over the years i had struggled with finding a broadhead that was consistent day in and day out. I started usin the Wac'em Primative several years ago and have 100% faith in them. They are solid as a rock, tough as nails, and deadly sharp right out of the package. The 1 1/4 cut, cut on contact 2 blade broadhead is devastating on game and leave a blood trail that cant be matched. They are the only broadhead that i can say truly fly exactly like my field points. I was taught as a Marine that you must trust in the equipment you use and be able to have faith in it. With Wac'em Broadheads that is very easy to do. I will never trust another broadhead to find a home on the end of my arrows.

Steve Kuney
I grew up hunting river bottoms and hardwood timber blocks in Central Indiana. Now I live in Iowa and bow hunting is my true passion. I always thought that to get field point accuracy you had to shoot a mechanical broad head , but then I shot Wac'em !! I shoot the 3-blade,100 grain XL. It is the sharpest, best penetrating broad head that I have ever shot ! There will never be another broad head in my quiver. Every time I come to full draw on an animal I know without a doubt that my arrow will fly true and with pin-point accuracy.

Jared "J-Rod" Bloomgren
"Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren was born and raised in the Dakota’s where he still lives today. His skills have been honed from years spent in the outdoors learning all that he can about the environment and the animals in which he hunts. He has been very successful at harvesting animals in a wide range of habitat by use of various weapons. He is proud of being a DIY hunter who hunts primarily public land to bring home the trophies in which provide for his family. Jared initially started shooting Wac’em broadheads many years ago in the company’s infancy and decided to step off pro staff when he started shooting a Deep Six Easton arrow. Now that the broadheads are offered in this configuration he is more than happy to be back on the team! “When I learned that Wac’em was going to be offering the heads in Deep Six threads, I was extremely excited to get back to shooting the most accurate heads on the market!”

Adam Hays III
"After 33 years of bowhunting experience, 3 dozen P&Y animals on the ground and 9 Boone and Crockett whitetails with 3 over the 200" mark I've learned to leave nothing to chance and don't cut corners on your equipment. I've never shot a sharper, more accurate fixed blade broad head than the Wacem, period!

Rick Risner
"I've always been a fixed-blade shooter, and a big fan of cut-on-contact heads. I truly believe they increase your chances of making an effective pass-through shot, and recovering your animal. My quiver carries nothing but Wac'Em 4-Blades. They deliver incredible field-point accuracy, and they leave nothing to chance. I trust my hunt - and my success - to Wac'Em. I hope you will, too."

Brad Myers
.Born and raised in Kansas, Brad has had the opportunity to hunt some of the largest whitetails in North America. Being blessed with great landowners and friends, Brad has access to some amazing property. Harvesting over 15 Pope and Young whitetails with his bow, a photography background challenged Brad to get a little closer to his prey, and capture those moments. Brad loves to hunt, but really enjoys it when his wife, Terra, and twin boys, Jett and Jagger along for some fun.

Steve Kuney
"I reside in the wonderful state of Iowa! I hold a true passion for bow hunting that runs deep in my blood. I’ve always shot mechanicals throughout my bow hunting years. Mainly for the accuracy that matched field point accuracy. Throughout many years in the past I shot a handful of mechanicals on the market. They all had a point of failure on their design and performance. This is Not the case with the 100 Grain Wac’em Expandables! I can let the arrow fly with full confidence that my broad head will perform 100%. The burden isn’t on the broad head at all, if I hit my mark the broad head will seal the deal! Not to mention you get Four broad heads in a pack! That’s outstanding and thank you Wac’em for engineering that was designed with bow hunters in mind!"

Jim Smith
"I grew up in Western SD to where I currently reside. I started Bowhunting at age 12 & shooting archery at age 9. I have been very fortunate to harvest multiple Boone & Crockett, & Pope & Young animals. I demand the most of my equipment & that is why I choose WAC'EM Broadheads! Tough, Dependable, Razor Sharp, & Unmatched Accuracy!!!"

Kevin Dirnberger
Full Draw Adventures
Kevin grew up outside of a small town in Southeast MO. As a child, he would tag along with his father who was an avid quail hunter. As soon as Kevin was at legal age he began hunting with his .410 shotgun that was custom fit by his grandfather. Kevin remembers killing his first bird at the age of 7. As he grew older, Kevin began bow hunting whitetail and had the luxury of walking out of his childhood home directly into the woods. As his passion for bow hunting grew, he ventured out west to pursue big game. In 2010, he took his passion to the next level by filming and producing his adventures. Kevin now resides in West Central MO with his wife and 3 children. Kevin’s goal is to bring the audience along on his Full Draw Adventures!

John Macko
John grew up in Westchester County, just outside New York City, and now resides in Connecticut with his wife and two children. He started hunting at an early age but over the 15 years his passion has grown into a genuine addiction. John runs strategy for a healthcare company which helps companies manage their personnel resources and technology, and not by coincidence, his national client base allows him the opportunity to hunt several states each fall. John generally hunts alone and his friends often joke that he literally disappears each fall and resurfaces in January. He is on several archery pro-staff’s including being with Wac’ems team for over a decade. John has taken many Pope and Young whitetails over the years, with a 4 over the 160” mark, most taken with the Wac-em 3-bladeTriton 100’s. His best, a 23” wide 14-point buck grossing 187’’, "which had the best blood trail he had ever seen", and a misjudged 40 yard open field shot last season, he attributes to "the perfect flight of the Wac-em" along with his confidence in his broadhead. Having missed his first few Pope & Young Buck opportunities early on, he attributes his successes to learning from his missed opportunities and mistakes, having great equipment, reducing self induced pressure (helped by the birth of his children and support from his wife), thinking outside the box, and doing whatever it takes to get it done!